Professional Services

Reconnaissance investigations and preliminary geotechnical risk assessments


GFSH-2 Phase 1 Geotechnical investigations for township rezoning


GFSH-2 Phase 2 Geotechnical investigations for foundation design


Detailed geotechnical risk assessments for property development


Foundation investigations for founding of all engineering structures


Material investigations for roads, pipelines and all earth structures


Borrow pit investigations for material harvesting and quarrying


Design of flexible, rigid and block road pavements


Computer modelling with GIS & DTM tools


Customised software development


Design of sub-surface drainage (geodrains)

Construction Services

Short and long term TLB hire for geotechnical investigations and general construction purposes


Bulk earthworks – site scrubbing, levelling, balanced cut & fill terracing, embankment construction


General construction plant hire for civil engineering projects


Stormwater, sewer and water pipeline construction


Design and construction of sub-surface drainage (geodrains)


Concrete Retaining Block Walls


Structural demolitions & rubble removal


Road pavement construction


Construction material harvesting


Quarrying of borrow material